ENVIRO SAFETY GROUP is comprised of professionals who have expertise in several Health and Safety areas:

Environmental and Safety Consulting,
Environmental and Safety Audits,
OSHA, DOT and EPA Training, Air Contaminant Sampling,
Pulmonary Function Testing,
DOT and non-DOT Drug Collections for both urine and hair,
Alcohol Screening using a Breath Analyzer,
Mold Inspections,
Mold Sampling, and
Written Mold Remediation Protocols.





The owners are Steve Smith and Orrie Stenroos. Steve is the president and CEO of ESG and is a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist and also an owner of Industrial Hearing, Inc., providing Audiology and Noise Monitoring services. He served as the Chair of the Virginia Waste Management Board for six years and has considerable experience in the environmental and safety areas.

Orrie has a Ph.D. in cellular and interdisciplinary biology and has serves as the vice president and Senior Biologist at ESG. He formerly was the president and CEO of Central Virginia Laboratories and Consultants and of ESG in its early days and a professor of biology at Lynchburg College. He is a Licensed Mold Inspector through the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The ESG office is located in Lynchburg, Virginia and primarily provides services to the broader Central Virginia area.




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ESG provides customized services to clients who have OSHA Safety and Health and/or Environmental needs. We perform OSHA Training, EPA and DOT Training. With our new mobile unit, we can provide almost all of your fire extinguishers services at your site. We offer Drug Collection at our site for both urine and hair. Our Services also include mold inspection, sampling and remediation protocols. With all of our combined experience, our staff is well trained to serve your needs. We emphasize hands-on education/training which makes learning more meaningful, enjoyable and less tedious. We will keep your employees engaged and involved in working safely long after they leave our courses.

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